Compass Point Comprehensive Psychological Services Provides:

Individual Therapies with Adults:

One-on-one short-term solution focused or longer-term, more in-depth psychodynamic sessions for adults of all ages, athletes, and professionals looking for individual treatment for problems such as anxiety, depression, spousal/family relationships, work-related issues, college struggles, sports performance/anxiety, post-concussion difficulties, anger management, phobias, and other problematic areas. Treatment is tailored to each patient's difficulties and goals.

Child and Adolescent Therapies: * Please contact regarding availability for children under 18 *

Including but not limited to short and long-term solution focused and long-term therapies, psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral and play-based therapy. Developmental Disorders, "acting out" behaviors, bullying, sports performance, school/college struggles, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Learning Disabilities and other parental/school concerns are the focus of treatment.

- Child and Adolescent therapy also entail parental involvement in therapy, having parent(s) attend sessions both with and without the patient at designated times to ensure maximum therapeutic benefit.