Dr. Timothy W. Hughes is a licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in New York, NY.

*As of 2017, patients will only be seen in Ct. and lower Fairfield County by appointment only.

Through working with young adults, adults and professionals across different settings he has found that as each person is unique, so too must be the therapeutic approach. This is the meaning of an integrative and tailored approach to psychotherapy. As one patient could benefit from a more structured, CBT style treatment, another could benefit from using a more dynamically orientated treatment. Dr. Hughes feels that the most effective course of treatment is using an integration of treatment techniques while providing a safe and non-judgmental environment. Using an integration of techniques provides the ability to tailor treatment to each patient and family while being able to move dynamically with the patient.

Dr. Hughes completed his Masters level graduate training at The University of Hartford, in Ct. During this time he provided therapy and conducted testing with children, adolescents, families, and older adults.
His doctoral training was completed in Washington DC, at Argosy University. During this time he provided care to underprivileged patients, at risk children and adolescents in the DC Metropolitan area and in Maryland, while utilizing an integration of psychotherapeutic techniques. He also conducted testing and assessment batteries while presenting his findings and working as part of an interdisciplinary team to help coordinate treatment for these patients.

He completed his gratudate career working at the prestigious Karen Horney Clinic in NYC, training and interacting with some of the top doctors and psychologists in the field. At the same time he provided testing/assessment batteries and individual psychotherapy services to children, adolescents, adults as well as counseling and support to family members.

Dr. Hughes is an alumnus and a member of the Alumni Board at Eagle Hill School in Greenwich, Ct. and is an alumnus of King School in Stamford, Ct.

Continuing his drive to provide the best care possible, Dr. Hughes is currently enrolled as a "candidate" at the NYU Post-Doctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. 

He wrote the following article to provide an outline of how parents, children/adolescents and friends can work to increase communication, prevent tragedy and help one-another through difficult times along with ways to handle a possible crisis.: http://newcanaan.patch.com/blog_posts/increasing-our-awareness-an-outline-of-how-we-can-try-to-prevent-future-tragedy-and-suffering

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